Covid-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus)

This page has been updated as of 3/24/20.

All the information you want to know about how AWAKEN is handling the current health situation with Covid-19

Awaken's Current Operations

First let me begin by stating that I am VERY PROUD to be a part of the Newburyport, MA community; where I work and live. 🙌 All across the board, I am reminded of how people are stepping up to the plate to help others in need AND also remain accessible to support our community through the local businesses here. We are truly seeing what we are capable of through kindness and generosity during this difficult time. 🙏

Unfortunately, mental health & wellbeing do not take a backseat during a crisis... in fact, often these circumstance may ENHANCE existing challenges. 😕


Awaken is deemed a part of America's CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE as defined by homeland security; being a healthcare service.

As such, [see the image of the President's guidelines below] I will REMAIN OPEN in my operations to support my clients with their ongoing needs amidst the Covid-19 health situation; as long as I am legally permitted to do so.

Luckily, I have the BLESSING of operating a SOLO practice with a LARGE space; providing 6+ feet of distance between myself and clients easily. In addition, I am THE ONLY PERSON WITH ACCESS to my facilities (with the exclusion of my landlord), and have the ability to arrange my appointments to limit the cross-over of clients waiting in my lobby. Due to these circumstances, I feel confident I can maintain safe provision of services amidst this health concern.

Please read below for my full list of the modifications I will be making to provide the best options for my clients and community members:

  • I request for ALL CLIENTS to self-acknowledge any change in health status PRIOR to attending your appointment; so as to not expose others to potential risk.

  • Ability to cancel (including last minute) without penalty due to a change in health status OR change in mind for meeting in-person in regards to the Covid-19.

  • Offer to change in-person sessions to VIRTUAL sessions for PRIVATE THERAPY CLIENTS during the recommendations of "social distancing" and quarantine requests; as long as the client is WITHIN MA STATE LINES during our video call. This stipulation is due to my licensing requirements.

  • Ability to provide in-person AND virtual coaching sessions (including Deliberate Dating coaching) remains available to all non-therapy clients and has no legal restrictions across state lines.

  • Practicing recommended "social distancing" guidelines of 6+ feet within my office (avoiding hugs and handshakes, etc.)

  • Cleaning will be done on any touched surfaces, door handles, bathroom in my office, etc. between each client.

  • Postponements and modifications to scheduled programming have been updated (see more details below).

  • Continued sharing of, and empowerment to use, Energy Psychology practices and tools to mitigate the stress and emotional challenges presented during the Covid-19 virus outbreak.

  • Spontaneous video updates on Facebook and/or YouTube will be considered as additional ways to connect with the community and provide encouragement during these challenges... Keep your eyes peeled for my surprise messages of POSITIVITY online! 🤩🤗

This list will likely continue to shift as we receive new developments from the government on how to operate through this challenging time. Please stay tuned for any follow up emails with more specific updates to my practice.

See images below for the President's coronavirus guidelines for America

Comprehensive Holistic Tips for Staying Well During Covid-19

Never have we been in a time during which we have had to seriously consider such a a risk to our healty-safety in our daily experiences. It is unprecedented that we have been encouraged to self-quarantine, limit social gatherings, and otherwise remain "sequestered"... indefinitely. 
Talk about a STRESSFUL situation.

You might note throughout this email that I only reference this virus as "Covid-19". This is intentional, as my intuition tells me that the name "coronavirus" gives the issue at hand more power. ...Do you agree? 🤔 ...Think of how the different words FEEL in YOUR body when you say them. 🙏

In addition to the recommended social distancing, hand washing, reduced community exposure, etc., I would like to offer you more specific HOLISTIC practices for support and empowerment.

Below is a list of my recommended tips and tools to utilize; which not only consider your physical health, but ALSO your energetic and emotional health. Enjoy the recommendations, and please visit any and all linked resources offered below to enhance your wellness during the Covid-19 health situation.

Holistic Tips and Tools for wellness:

  • Beware of news and media outlets that SENSATIONALIZE danger and threat of the virus; especially ones that use "fear mongering" in language like "Deadly virus" and "This is like war" and "Death toll rises". The reality is, our country is currently reporting less than 10,000 death cases, and has tens of thousands of people who have recovered successfully. Yes, other countries are faring worse than the USA. And this IS a real threat. BUT, we as a country are doing a GREAT job taking strategic and swift measures to reduce the spread as quickly as possible. 🙏🙂 Please be weary of those who BENEFIT from scaring you and consider that they MAY have agendas (i.e. news media outlet ratings, product distribution companies, etc.). Listen to direct reporting sources, and for the best updates, visit the following websites: 


Get outside and EARTH for at least 15 minutes daily. This has PREVENTATIVE and HEALING capabilities. 👏

An increasing amount of scientific studies have been proving that "Earthing" (a.k.a. "grounding" with your body) produces the following REDUCTION in:

  • Inflammation throughout the body; including neural inflammation

  • Pain sensations

  • Problematic autoimmune responses within the body

  • Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Impaired sleep and symptoms such as snoring and teeth grinding

  • Depressive symptoms, lethargy, and chronic fatigue

  • Colic in babies

  • Weight (loss; inflammation related)

  • Problematic behavioral, emotional, and physical symptoms in children; including those with autism (study shows improvement after 2 months of Earthing)

  • MORE improvements being reported regularly… stay tuned for more research!

thermography inflammation from legs with

(PHOTO: Actual thermography imaging of inflammation reduction from a clinical case study called "Medical Thermography Case Studies on Earthing 2004-2005". CLICK THE IMAGE TO VISIT THE PAGE AND SCROLL DOWN TO THE STUDY TO VIEW MORE.)

To get access to more scientific information on this topic AND indoor Earthing products, visit OR watch the FULL EARTHING DOCUMENTARY on Youtube at

[Please note: I do not have any affiliation with OR any financial stake in this recommendation.]

What better way to stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic than to LET THE EARTH HEAL AND PROTECT YOU! 🙏 ...This is a SOLO activity, so no need to go near anyone to do so. 😉 ​

  • If you have to go out in public, do your "Zip-ups" before you leave! To learn how to Zip-up your energy field (Biofield) and reduce risk of overlapping with others, visit this link to watch how the Zip-up is done: 

  • Learn about your Biofield from scientist, Beverly Rubik (who is originally from Brookline, MA), through The Science of Energy Healing Trailer here: ...and the importance of intention with our body's biofield here:

  • Make sure you are keeping up with your vitamin and immune boosting regimens at home! Our bodies are naturally made to fight off illness. We just need to strengthen our immune system to enhance our natural healing abilities. 🙏 ...Again, see EARTHING above. 😉

  • Focus on keeping your VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY HIGH. Some recommended supports for doing so are listed here:

    • Positive thought and prayer

    • Healing crystals

    • Sea Salt and/or epsom salt baths; which cleanse the physical AND energy body

    • Pure essential oils  (following their specific recommendations)

    • Sleep

    • Meditation

    • Sound healing music (Here is a GREAT 3-hour crystal bowl sound bath you can listen to: , a 25 minute Tuning fork healing, and a 741hz multi-instrument healing for a Full Body Detox

    • Funny shows and movies (to help you laugh). Laughter heals! 😊

    • Reduced exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Waves whenever possible; i.e. take breaks from your cell phone, stay away from your modem, and decompress with wi-fi off or limited.

    • Eat organic and non-gmo foods which are nutrient dense [Providing a LIVING MATRIX of built-in energy; as Mother Nature intended.]

    • Drink more WATER, especially "Living water" like that from a natural spring OR charged by prayer and/or positive energy intention. Use a GLASS cup for this process. 🙏 

  • Listen to Law of Attraction resources to better navigate your negative thinking concerns. Here is a wonderful conversation about illness produced by Abraham-Hicks:

  • Consider using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) a.k.a "tapping" to target any stressors that arise at this time. The Tapping Solution by Nick and Jessica Ortner has a helpful FREE app in your play store on your phone for easy access and following along with an avatar. Just search it by name and you should find it quickly. 😉

  • Use this extra time on your hands to focus on what YOU WANT to improve in your life. Make time to journal, have important conversations with your loved ones, and make time for "connection" in supportive ways while you are all together.

  • If you need additional support during this time, reach out to your local resources who are available to help. If not in person, MOST resources are still available electronically or by phone. If you need help finding local holistic resources, please reach out to me via email and I can share some recommendations. Of course, always know you can reach out for support WITH me as well. 

  • Lastly, please try to STAY POSITIVE and HAVE FAITH. The world needs as much help as it can get right now! 😉


ALL information listed on ALL of my internet platforms is subject to change at any time, at my discretion. Please check back frequently for New Updates!!