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About Me


Hi, I'm Kerri M. Vercellini (maiden name Morrison- as you will see on some documents) and I am an original New Hampshirite who received all my education in NH, pre-licensure work in Lowell, MA, and now have found myself on the Seacoast of MA/NH manifesting my dream of having a completely Holistic Private Therapy Practice!


My spirit has always been called to the ocean, the arts, and of course the type of "natural living" lifestyle that is so wonderfully supported on the Seacoast with all the nature trails, parks, beautiful beaches, and healthy restaurant options! I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience all of the amazing benefits of being in Newburyport, MA.

In 2017 I moved my home residence from Southern NH to Newburyport, MA when I started my business above Starbucks at 2 Liberty Street. I met my husband in Newburyport in 2018, then got married and started our family post-covid. I have since moved downtown Newburyport office locations, and expanded my business offices into NH. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and immersing myself in nature wherever we go. When time permits, I hope to get back more into my artistic side with singing karaoke, creating all types of art, as well as potentially acting again or participating in softball (as a throwback to my younger years). For now, I am enjoying the journey of motherhood with my adorable little girl, and reexperiencing the world from her innocent viewpoint. ❤️

My Goal in My Community:

I LOVE helping my clients to be excited and hopeful about the possibilities for their future! Where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a WAY. I am a huge proponent and supporter of medical freedom and the belief that everyone gets the right to choose what's best for their body/mind/spirit. Today, pursuing holistic and alternative perspectives is a courageous journey in our world... and I will happily and confidently guide you along your experience in understanding better what YOU NEED to feel whole and healthy!

Strength From Challenges

As a person who was diagnosed in grade 6 with ADHD, I know well the challenges and struggles that can come from having a "learning disability". I grew up with the stigma worries of my parents, and struggled with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and had difficulty relating to my peers. I was an easy target for bullies in school, on the bus, and in other community activities. As an "uncool kid" in middle-school, I remember how bleak life looked from where I stood, and it was such a helpless, sad, and overwhelming feeling. ...Luckily, my story had a much happier outcome than I would have ever anticipated! Through the amazing support of my family, counselors, medication, and the great special education system in my hometown, I learned the tools and strategies that I needed to keep my brain structured and on track… and successfully transitioned out of the entire special education system by Graduate school. Beginning with an IEP in public Middle School, then shifting to a 504 Plan in my 4-year Undergraduate college, and eventually thrived [with only medication management in place] graduating with my Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling; with a 4.0 GPA and a designation of High Distinction in my class. Today, I am PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICATION-FREE and thriving as an entrepreneur in the business world! (Thanks to wonderous treatment of Homeopathy!)

From my personal experiences, I learned the importance of facing challenges head-on, to always try my best (even if things don't always turn out the way I planned), and never to give up hope of achieving my potential. Today, I am passionate about teaching others how to do the same things in their own lives, and I am so honored to be given the opportunity to assist my clients in their own healing journeys!


Licensing & Education

Board of Mental Health Practice, State of New Hampshire, Concord, NH. License in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (LCMHC).

Allied Board of Mental Health Professions, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, MA. License in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC).

Rivier University [Formerly known as Rivier College], Nashua, NH. Masters of Arts Degree in Mental Health Counseling; Earning High Distinction in GPA.

Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH. Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.


Professional Organizations

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)

Bryn Mawr, PA , Member, Director-At Large; Board of Directors

The Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth

Portsmouth, NH , Member


Energy Medicine Professional Association (EMPA)

San Antonio, TX , Member, Insured Provider

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