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Holistic Wellness Tips

This page has been updated as of 10/30/20.

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Below is a list of MY recommended tips and tools to utilize; which not only consider your physical health, but ALSO your energetic and emotional health. Enjoy the recommendations, and please visit any and all linked resources offered below to enhance your wellness.

Please read thoroughly for regularly updated information that may have been added since your last visit to this page!

  • Make sure you are EARTHING regularly

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Get outside and EARTH for at least 15 minutes daily. This has PREVENTATIVE and HEALING capabilities. 👏

An increasing amount of scientific studies have been proving that "Earthing" (a.k.a. "grounding" with your body) produces the following REDUCTION in:

  • Inflammation throughout the body; including neural inflammation

  • Pain sensations

  • Problematic autoimmune responses within the body

  • Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Impaired sleep and symptoms such as snoring and teeth grinding

  • Depressive symptoms, lethargy, and chronic fatigue

  • Colic in babies

  • Weight (loss; inflammation related)

  • Problematic behavioral, emotional, and physical symptoms in children; including those with autism (study shows improvement after 2 months of Earthing)

  • MORE improvements being reported regularly… stay tuned for more research!

thermography inflammation from legs with

(PHOTO: Actual thermography imaging of inflammation reduction from a clinical case study called "Medical Thermography Case Studies on Earthing 2004-2005". CLICK THE IMAGE TO VISIT THE PAGE AND SCROLL DOWN TO THE STUDY TO VIEW MORE.)

To get access to more scientific information on this topic AND indoor Earthing products, visit OR watch the FULL EARTHING DOCUMENTARY on Youtube at

[Please note: I do not have any affiliation with OR any financial stake in this recommendation.]

What better way to stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic than to LET THE EARTH HEAL AND PROTECT YOU! 🙏 ...This is a SOLO activity, so no need to go near anyone to do so. 😉 ​

  • If you have to go out in public, do your "Zip-ups" before you leave! To learn how to Zip-up your energy field (Biofield) and reduce risk of overlapping with others, visit this link to watch how the Zip-up is done: 

  • Learn about your Biofield from scientist, Beverly Rubik (who is originally from Brookline, MA), through The Science of Energy Healing Trailer here: ...and the importance of intention with our body's biofield here:

  • Make sure you are keeping up with your vitamin and immune boosting regimens at home! Our bodies are naturally made to fight off illness. We just need to strengthen our immune system to enhance our natural healing abilities.  ...Again, see EARTHING above. 

  • Looking for HEALTH RELATED RESEARCH and NEWS on the NATURAL front? Visit these website to learn additional perspectives you WON'T hear on mainstream media!!   AND

  • Consider visiting the Resources for Resilience page on YouTube; which is CHOCK-FULL of Energy practices to calm and soothe your body!! This YouTube channel is part of ACEP's Humanitarian offerings to people around the world (which CAN be shared across cultures with different languages)! You can also visit their FULL WEBSITE at

  • Feeling like you want to scream or cry under this stress??? ...Consider clearing your THROAT CHAKRA and ROOT CHAKRA with these healing recordings. It is recommended that you play these tracks loud enough near your body so that the vibrations penetrate your energy field and provide some clearing: Throat Chakra Tuning (Multiple Hz- 15 minutes long) ; Heal Root Chakra [the part of your body related to SAFETY and SECURITY] with tibetan singing bowls (3 hours)

  • Focus on keeping your VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY HIGH. Some recommended supports for doing so are listed here:

    • Positive thought and prayer

    • Healing crystals

    • Sea Salt and/or epsom salt baths; which cleanse the physical AND energy body

    • Pure essential oils  (following their specific recommendations)

    • Sleep

    • Meditation

    • Sound healing music (Here is a GREAT 3-hour crystal bowl sound bath you can listen to: , a 25 minute Tuning fork healing, and a 741hz multi-instrument healing for a Full Body Detox

    • Funny shows and movies (to help you laugh). Laughter heals! 😊

    • Reduced exposure to Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Waves whenever possible; i.e. take breaks from your cell phone, stay away from your modem, and decompress with wi-fi off or limited.

    • Eat organic and non-gmo foods which are nutrient dense [Providing a LIVING MATRIX of built-in energy; as Mother Nature intended.]

    • Drink more WATER, especially "Living water" like that from a natural spring OR charged by prayer and/or positive energy intention. Use a GLASS cup for this process. 🙏 

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  • Listen to Law of Attraction resources to better navigate your negative thinking concerns.  My personal FAVORITE resource for this is Abraham-Hicks. Here is a wonderful conversation about illness produced by Abraham-Hicks:  Additionally, here is a more recent offering directly from Abraham on the situation with Covid-19.

  • Consider using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) a.k.a "tapping" to target any stressors that arise at this time. See my recorded video instructions below based on age group for MY personal guidance with using this method. Additionally, you can find "The Tapping Solution" by Nick and Jessica Ortner as a FREE app in your play store on your phone for easy access and following along with an avatar. Just search it by name and you should find it quickly. 

  • Take advantage of opportunities to video or phone chat with your loved ones and community to avoid feeling intensely isolated from others. Whether you use a video conference software like ZOOM, or a smartphone video call/phone call, you are likely to feel a little more connected than if you were to completely avoid other people all together. No, it's not the same as in-person gatherings, BUT it might be enough to keep you going until we return to normalcy.

  • Use any extra time on your hands to focus on what YOU WANT to improve in your life. Make time to journal, have important conversations with your loved ones, and make time for "connection" in positive and compassionate ways while you are all together.

  • If you need additional support during stressful times, reach out to your local resources who are available to help. If not in person, MOST resources are still available electronically or by phone. If you need assistance with finding local holistic resources, please reach out to me via email and I can share some recommendations. Of course, always know you can reach out for support WITH me as well. 

  • Please try to STAY POSITIVE and HAVE FAITH. Look for the BLESSINGS out of difficult situations and find gratitude for things you are appreciating at this time. The world needs as much help and OPTIMISM as it can get right now! 

  • Lastly...PLEASE ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED IN TOILET PAPER AND PAPER TOWELS WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO RUN OUT! ...There is absolutely NO REASON for us to have this shortage of TP and paper towels... ever! ...DO YOUR PART and SHARE WITH OTHERS!! Nobody's derrière is more important than the next persons! We are ALL in this world TOGETHER!!  ;-)  <3

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) "tapping" for stress relief

Below are the linked recordings of EFT "tapping" instruction I provided VIRTUALLY to the community in April 2020. Feel free to click on any of the images to watch the videos and learn about this simple self-help tool! Additionally, listen to questions from participants and hear more on some holistic tips shared in the recordings.


(Click IMAGES to view videos, and LINKS to download the handouts used for each recording.)  Enjoy!

Youth Virtual EFT tapping intro thumbnai

Downloadable Handout for Young Adult EFT (Ages 18-35):

Young Adult VIRTUAL EFT _Tapping_ for st
Adult Virtual EFT _Tapping_ Intro for St

If you find these tools interesting, but you still feel like it would be easier or better for you to work with someone on your journey to health and wellness, please reach out to me for a FREE 15-minute phone consultation! 

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