As an Inspirational Speaker and Pioneer in the field of Holistic Mental Health Care, I provide a fresh perspective on the challenges our communities experience today; in Real Time, from a candid and whole-life perspective.

82.9% of event respondents gave me a favorable rating at my event; compared to 82.3% as the Global average of 1.1 Million respondents in 45,582 organizations across the country

What can you expect from a speaking presentation with me?

  • Motivation

  • Humor

  • Insight

  • Passion

  • Real-world tips

  • Expanded mindset

  • Holistic perspectives

  • Compassion

  • Interactive format

  • Transparency

  • Kindness

  • Empowerment

  • Respect

  • Positivity

Sharing a Holistic and Easy to Relate with information on the following topics:


  • Purposeful Parenting

  • Teen transitions

  • The causes of addictive behaviors and patterns, and how to improve them using a Holistic approach

  • How to identify unsafe situations and experiences BEFORE they happen​

  • Strengthening bonds and communication skills

  • The balance of Power between parents and their children

  • Having fun without technology!


  • Communicating with Confidence and Authenticity

  • Aging with Ambition

  • Self-care and Holistic Self-Help tools

  • How to Stay Positive in a Negative World

  • Growing through the Grieving process

  • Regaining passion for Living

  • Saying "No" safely

  • Boundaries of Sharing and Giving to others


  • Mental, emotional, and physical reactions we experience due to our physical environment

  • Spiritual Awakenings

  • Intuitive tools for mental health supports

  • Reconnecting with our internal guidance system

  • A holistic look at Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, and heightened psychic/perceptive abilities


  • Healthy boundaries with our loved ones

  • Strength from Vulnerability

  • Conflict resolution

  • Relationship re-commitment and rebuilding trust

  • Healthy physical and emotional boundaries with others

Ask about more topics!

...Anything else can be reviewed for a speaking topic, please ask if your topic is not noted above. I am a Wealth of knowledge!

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