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Private Therapy Services

Newburyport MA Office

Portsmouth NH Office

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Offered in my peaceful office spaces of downtown Newburyport, MA and Portsmouth, NH, or requested in the comfort and privacy of your own home, I help my individual, couples and family clients learn tools as well as enhance skills they already have!

I provide a comprehensive approach that integrates Energy psychology methods along with holistic healing tools to address life challenges and mental health concerns.

All of my services are non-medication-based and tailored to the individual needs of each client. 

Feel free to contact me for a FREE 15-minute consultation to learn te best service option for you and see if we would be a good fit to work together!

What to expect when you see me for Holistic Counseling services...

As a Holistic therapist, I take a "Whole-Picture" approach to helping my clients identify all of the things in their life that may be affecting how they feel. From there, I empower my clients to step into their "Courageous True-Self" to face their challenges with safety, compassion, and understanding. ...That's where the healing happens. I believe that we are ALL capable of regaining our livelihood and sense of Individual Power... and I teach people how to do that!

Here is a brief list of the different types of Private (non-coaching) services I offer. Scroll below to view the detailed list for more information:

Therapy Services

Adult Individual Counseling – 1 hour

Adult Combined Reiki Counseling – 90 mins

Child/Adolescent EP Counseling – 75 mins

Dual/Couples Counseling – 1 hour

Family Counseling – 1 hour

A-la-carte Services

Reiki Energy Healing Session - 1-hour

Private EFT Tapping Teaching Lesson - 1-hour

EFT Tapping Processing (specific issue, non-therapy) - 1-hour

Adult Individual Wellness Assessment - 1-hour

**Please scroll to the bottom of this page for Billing Related Information.**

Session formats:

Sessions vary in type and length of services, and may be available as A-La-Carte services and/or in service packages. Based on schedule availability and/or client need, service sessions may be completed more than once a week, weekly, bi-weekly, and Monthly; these decisions are based upon each client's individual goals and needs.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about my packages rates and conditions.

**ALL "Bookings" for sessions must be scheduled with me personally through email or phone; I do not have an online booking system for appointments.**

Want to learn more?!

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Individual Adult Counseling Services (Standard)

$165  1-hour

Sliding-scale eligible!

For adults over age 18 feeling "stuck" and or confused in their personal journey and desiring one-to-one services to figure out how to improve those feelings. Taking a well-rounded approach, I will help you uncover the real "sticking points" that have prevented you from achieving long-term successes and making healthy lifestyle choices. Experience increased confidence and start approaching life with intention to unblock your energy and find alignment with your true self and path! 

Individual Adult Counseling w/Reiki Energy Healing

Combining with the same description as Adult Individual Counseling above, add an extra 30 minutes at the tail-end of the session to put healing energy towards the challenges you addressed in your therapy. (See reiki description below for more details.)

$205  90-minutes

Sliding-scale eligible!

Individual Child/Adolescent Counseling Services (Standard)

Sliding-scale eligible!

$185  1-hour

$185- 75 Minutes

My personalized and unique approach to counseling children combines my clinical counseling background and holistic trainings to provide options like reiki healing, intuitive development, empowerment & self-esteem skills, and also an education on Energy Psychology concepts and tools to address energy overwhelm in the world around them!

Session breakdown: 30 minutes of talking/counseling (mandatory), followed by 30 minutes more of talking, OR

receiving reiki healing  OR 30 minutes of holistic healing exploration/education OR expressive activity participation. This is followed up by 15 minutes of wrap up with parent/guardian at end of session.


Service Disclaimer:

At Awaken Holistic Counseling Services, LLC, no service will ever be forced upon a child who is not willing to engage with me despite repeated attempts and varied types of efforts.

If a child is not comfortable with a service that you have requested, they will be asked to engage in conversation with me and their parent/guardian to discuss options of what they would be willing to participate in, and I will then discuss with parent(s)/guardian(s) what may be the best approach and possible options to go from there. This may also include referrals to external providers if my holistic services are not meeting the needs of the child/family unit, and/or may be in need of additional supports while I work with the child/family using this holistic service model.

Watch this video for more info about my couples approach!

Dual/Couples Counseling

$185  1-hour

Sliding-scale eligible!

I help my couples and/or 2-person relationship clients (i.e. family member relationships and/or friendships) to become aware, present, and open to receiving the information they want and need from the other person to enhance their connection and communication. The "partnership/relationship" is the client in these services; with special attention to communication skills, exploring understanding, and deepening the bond within the relationship. For couples, there is a special focus on how to reignite the connection of 

the partners and regain the spark that was initially felt. All relationships are different, but each relationship

does have the choice, as well as the potential to change. Openness, communication, honesty, and courage to be vulnerable are central to reconnection. If the "relationship" is in need of renewal, and both parties are committed to its rekindling/deepening bond …anything is possible for improvement!

Holistic Family Counseling (standard)

$215  1-hour 

Sliding-scale eligible!

Receive compassionate support and understanding from a seasoned and non-threatening professional!

With more than a decade of experience working with children and their families as a family therapist, I am no stranger to upsets, communication breakdowns, and oppositional child/adolescent behaviors. I am also not a stranger to how quickly these same children and family members begin to engage with me as their helper and realize how much I can assist them in redefining how their family operates and supports each other. 


I am a game-changer with families; facilitating the shift in letting go of what no longer works, and laying a new foundation filled with connection understanding, and a new lease on what a loving, healthy family looks like!

Watch this video for more info about my family approach!

This is a great service for families with unique challenges, adult children living in the family home, and parents who just can't figure out how to "speak the same language" as their children.

All families are different, but ALL have the potential to connect and unify in a loving way that supports more secure bonding and forgiveness of past challenges. Contact me today to find out how I can help your family!  

Private Services - Miscellaneous

Private EFT "Tapping" Teaching Lesson

$75  1-hour

This service is for people who are new or already familiar with EFT skills and you need a little bit of support and education to hone OR start your self-help practice!


In a 1-hour session, you will meet with me for one-to-one coaching to...

  • Receive a private education session on the Gold Standard format of Emotional Freedom Techniques "Tapping"

  • Answer all your questions about tapping

  • Hone your EFT tapping skills and the specific points on which to tap

  • Refresh your memory on things like "setup statements" and gauging your level of progress to ensure you are using the processes in the most effective way for your healing

**Please note that this service is NOT a counseling session; rather it is simply to provide direct instruction and feedback for self-help support on the format being used for your EFT practice of the Palliative version of EFT tapping at home.**

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EFT Tapping Processing (specific issue, non-therapy) 

$100  1-hour

This service is for people who may or may not use EFT tapping for self-help already, but are curious about the approach to address a specific issue they are challenged by, and they would like a professional to help them with it. This service differs from that of the “Therapy” EFT approach in that no mental health issues are the focus of this tapping processing experience. The client is aware of a specific challenge they feel is

blocking their progress in their life, and they want support to target it and move forward quickly. No background history/emotional unpacking is necessary for this direct and targeted approach.

*** This approach may not be appropriate for those with long-standing and complicated traumatic histories. If that is applicable, the therapy version of EFT tapping would be the recommended referral to ensure you receive the appropriate level of support and containment around processing deep and multi-layered energetic wounds.***

Individual Wellness Assessment

$75- 1-hour 

A brief Holistic evaluation of the "whole picture" of your current life experiences, and how to regain your power to feel better in the midst of whatever those experiences are.


Leave with a plan, a snapshot of your goals, and comfort in knowing you have taken the first steps to feeling better immediately!

Reiki Energy Healing Session

$100- 1-hour 

Experience sensations of relaxation and calm for one hour; allowing your body to find centering, clearing out energy blockages, and resetting your energy field. Reiki assists your "muscle memory" to release energetic blocks that are often linked to emotional triggers and softens our energy through the process of releasing difficult emotions from our minds, hearts, and physiological/physical experiences. Clients often leave sessions feeling “lighter” and more energized.

Billing Related Information

Services and Pricing:

All services are generally private pay; as insurance does not cover my Holistic services and supports. Some clients have had success with Out-of-Network reimbursement from their insurances, so this MAY cover services if your specific situation allows. If this is used, individual clients are responsible for submitting personal reimbursement claims to their benefit provider. I DO accept FSA/HSA cards.

sliding scale image.png

Sliding-Scale Payments

I offer a 3 Tier sliding-scale payment system for services; allowing sessions to be more accessible to a variety of community members. To review your specific rate eligibility, please contact me with your gross W-2 income OR net self-employed income (whichever applies). Eligible sessions are indicated next to the service types. Listed service prices are for the Tier-3 of my sliding-scale system; which is my highest service rate for sessions.

Package Rates

10% off 4 session packages; applicable to the following service types:

  • Individual Adult Counseling

  • Individual Adult Counseling w/ Reiki Healing

  • Individual Child/Adolescent Counseling

  • Dual/Couples Counseling

  • Holistic Family Counseling

  • Reiki Healing (no counseling) - Ask Kerri for more information about this service type

Conditions Applicable to Packages:
All sessions in a package must be the same type of session (i.e. no mixed session packages). All 4 sessions must be used within 60 days of purchase date. Unused sessions will be forfeited if not used within 60 days post purchase date and agreement. Sessions in a package cannot be exchanged or transferred once purchased. Orientation sessions are excluded from all packages and discounted rates. Packages are only permitted for use on the Tier 3 level of sliding-scale rates.

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