Deliberate Dating

Are you ready to find your Perfect-Fit-Partner...?

The online dating scene can be exciting, overwhelming, and also annoying. However, it can truly be WORTH THE HASSLE if you end up finding your ideal match! ...Just like Kerri did! ;-)

Using the exact same skills and holistic approach she used to meet her perfect-fit-partner ONLINE, Kerri now offers guidance for others to sync up with their own perfect-fit-partner!

Whether you have been independent for a while, recently ended a relationship, or you're getting back into the swing of things after taking a long break from dating... Kerri will meet you "where you're at" and walk you through your NEW journey; improving your success with attracting a genuine, and awakened partnership connection.

In Kerri’s Deliberate Dating Intro: 5 Keys to Successful Online Romance; her comprehensive guidance will increase your potential to find exactly what you are looking for with online dating! Kerri works with students from a Holistic approach; highlighting the use of the Law of Attraction, citing important self-awareness', and sharing priceless relationship and communication guidance. If you are frustrated with the results you've been having on your own with online dating, this 90-minute class will surely give you a new perspective on what's been missing!

In Deliberate Dating: 5 Weeks to Successful Online Romance, she expands into more DETAILED knowledge to offer you DIRECT COACHING on each of the 5 Keys mentioned during the introduction workshop. (While it may be helpful, it is not required that you attend the Intro workshop to attend the 5-week program.)

As a group in the program, we will closely examine 1 Key a week, and Kerri will provide tips, tools, and new perspectives for you to apply in your online dating experience. When everyone returns the following week, Kerri will open the dialogue for students to discuss the prior week's successes and challenges before moving onto the next Key.

If you choose to enroll in this 5-week program, this is what we will be covering in each 2-hour class:


Kerri coaches you and your fellow students with reviewing AND/OR start online dating profiles with holistic guidance and wisdom. 


Kerri teaches how to uncover and love your authentic self, and then radiate that energy confidently through your profile.  



Kerri helps you with rebooting/strengthening your energy vibration and deliberate focus in dating; aiding the shift of negative patterns.



Kerri follows up on last week’s class to help reprogram old habit thinking and negative storytelling about your partnership status. Kerri’s Perfect-Fit-Partner visits the class to share his experience and wisdom from their “Deliberate Dating” story.



Kerri assists with honing your “sorting” skills and reviews matches along with your personal goals. Recap on the 5 keys and after-program follow-up.


TRUE LOVE DOES EXIST! ...And Kerri will teach YOU how to sync up with it!

Everyone is unique, and no one is perfect. However, it IS possible to find the match who is

"perfect for YOU."


* This workshop is open to people from ALL genders, sexual orientations, and ages 18 years and older. Program enrollment is limited to 6 people.

*Is the group dating program not a good fit for you? ...Ask Kerri about Personalized Deliberate Dating coaching services!

 See more in the "Holistic Life-Alignment Coaching" section here



Here's what students are saying so far...

“I'm a single female dating in my 50's when I never thought I would be. I’m so excited to learn how to deliberately date in a very authentic way with Kerri Morrison's Deliberate Dating program and cut out so much of the BS, confusion & hopelessness around dating online. In helping us to become the best versions of ourselves, we are also learning to sort, qualify, and determine our must haves and deal breakers with a perfect-fit-partnership for us. I love the private FB messenger group with Kerri and our classmates; as we can get hands on suggestions to our questions & support from Kerri & the group if we want/need to while we are actually out there dating!! I am very much enjoying the “Zen like” feeling of her office and the weekly exercises, and I actually don’t want the class to end! I am already seeing results after only a few weeks. With Kerri’s guidance, I shared with someone I am dating about “what I want and deserve,” and he has just now started to communicate with me in a different way. … I thought for sure he would run in the other direction! I am also now starting to get different, more authentic/spiritual kinds of men reaching out to my new profile that Kerri helped me to rewrite. I recommend this class to anyone male or female, young or old if you are out there and are frustrated with dating to help you to shift your energy, articulate & determine what you "want" and "deserve" and attract the right fit partner for you. I am starting to really enjoy the dating process, understand myself better, and know that my perfect fit partner is out there looking for me, too.” 

~ Deliberate Dating Program Student

"This isn't just a dating program; it is the foundation to assist you in preparing/modifying your future and current dating experiences to achieve your desires. Kerri's research and education along with her own personal experiences helps guide you every step of the way. Being a part of a small group opens your mind allowing you to share and learn even more. As you prune and have new growth in the process, it’s comforting to know that you are not doing this alone. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity. Well worth the time and investment! "

~ Deliberate Dating Program Student

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***Group programs and individual coaching services DO NOT entail a clinical relationship. These programs are solely focused on learning education, practice, as well as sharing common experience interactions with other like-minded individuals. In Kerri's coaching services, she operates as a teacher, empowerment leader, and "fellow human" in all interactions.***

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