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Offered in my peaceful office space downtown, or requested in the comfort and privacy of your own home, I help my individual, couples, and family counseling clients to learn new tools as well as enhance the skills they already have! 

I provide a comprehensive approach that integrates Energy Psychology methods along with holistic healing tools to address mental health concerns.


All of my services are non-medication based, and are personalized to the individual needs of each client. Feel free to contact me for more details, and see what the best service option is for YOU, on your schedule!


Need help with holistically-aligned personal development... but you aren't looking for a therapist?

Learn more about my Holistic Life-Alignment Coaching services that will enhance your spiritual connection, offer transformative experiences, and guide you to your most aligned and joyous self!

Deliberate Dating

Using the exact same skills and holistic approach she used to meet her perfect-fit-partner ONLINE, Kerri offers guidance for others to sync up with their own perfect-fit-partner!

Whether you have been independent for a while, recently ended a relationship, or you're getting back into the swing of things after taking a long break from dating... Kerri will meet you "where you're at" and walk you through your NEW journey; improving your success with attracting a genuine, and awakened partnership connection.

I offer multiple events and workshops monthly at my friendly and convenient downtown office in Newburyport, MA. Additionally, I often hold community workshops and speaking events in area locations such as libraries and senior & community centers, etc.

A large part of Awaken's mission is to provide a welcoming and safe space for community members to seek out education and resources on Holistic tools & topics, in addition to accessing information about Energy Psychology. Please see additional pages for my community events calendar, and reserve your spot today at one of these unique offerings!

Inspirational Speaking

I speak on many different topics, and how a "whole picture perspective" can really shift feelings towards understanding, intrigue, and hope for the future.

For every presentation I do, I always bring in a sense of humor, community education from a Holistic view, and a boost of optimism for attendees to feel the compassion and healing available to them in all of my work.

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For more information on pricing, availability, and scheduling a speaking presentation, please fill out the form below and Kerri will contact you at her earliest convenience!

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