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The following testimonials are from a culmination of people

who have experienced/witnessed my skills professionally.


Rest assured, I live my life authentically, and thus any personally-related testimonials are absolutely a reflection of what a consumer would experience when working with me.


Thank you to everyone who took time to write these testimonials for me to offer to my new community. I appreciate you all so very much! Much love to all of you! XO

"I highly recommend Kerri. Quite honestly, she has helped me more in the last 2+ months than the five therapists I’ve seen over the course of my life." - Current therapy client

"Kerri Morrison is by far a very knowledgeable Holistic Mental Health Therapist. She is very astute in her knowledge and approach. I find her at peace and comfortable in our conversations. She is one who listens deeply, I am deeply grateful for having met her. I recommend her to many." 

Martin J. Turner

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher

Sacred Tree Massage & Reiki

Newburyport, MA

"After having experienced firsthand, and studied academically, various forms of psychotherapy, traditional and non-traditional, for more than two decades, upon meeting with Kerri and discussing her passion, approach, and ways of supporting clients, I felt I had found the ultimate therapist I was always seeking. She is not just a highly skilled, warm, compassionate, approachable and professional holistic counselor and psychotherapist, but she is also clearly walking her path of awakening, consciously and spiritually, utilizing and honing her ageless wisdom, and guidance, for others. There are far too many therapists that don't walk their talk, or whom have never stepped into the shoes of their clients. Where as Kerri is upfront about her own awakening path, and personal knowledge gained, interwoven with the deep therapeutic work she offers. Her unique perspective and offerings, in focusing on mental "wellness", and the whole person's well-being, from and through the awakening process, is what is so necessary for the masses of humans who are ready to break free of the traditional therapeutic models to embrace a path that works specifically for their greatest and highest personal freedom, empowerment, and evolution. Kerri's work is cutting-edge, and by far the best for those who know the old approach is no longer working."

-Sacha Fossa, MA, ACTE

sexual empowerment coach, holistic healer, tantric educator

Newburyport, MA

"The best word to describe Kerri is passionate. I had the privilege of getting to know her both personally and professionally. In the presence of Kerri you can feel her authenticity. She cares deeply for her clients and does everything she can from an academic and personal stand point to keep herself sharp in the field. I have had the opportunity to work with a few of Kerri's previous clients. Her clients often look back on fond memories of their therapeutic relationship and reflect on how Kerri truly never gave up on them. Kerri is persistent, consistent and most importantly hard working. Clients say that she will work with you even when you are not ready to accept the help but need it the most. If you are ready to feel better mentally, emotionally and spiritually you have found a therapist in Kerri." 

- A.S.

Kerri is easily one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people I've ever met! Many times during the course of knowing her, I have been at a complete loss in life and had no idea what to do, where to turn or how to manage things in order to help myself or others in my life. She always acted in those moments with intelligence, grace and provided a high level of reassurance to me. She is incredibly supportive as well and goes out of her way to help when she is needed. She has guided me in finding myself and better understanding who I am as a human being, inside and out. As one of her former colleagues, I observed her clinical work as being one of a kind. Her knowledge of holistic therapy practices and interventions to help ease anxiety, depression and stress are phenomenal. I would recommend her services to anyone, young, old or in the middle! She seems to have a true knack for knowing exactly what to say at just the right moment. I have taken a Holistic workshop of hers, and I found it not only moving in a spiritual way, but incredibly informative as well. Her services are truly unique and stand out amongst the rest.

- J.P.

"Kerri Morrison is a kind and open-minded counselor. She has helped me through some tough times in my life. The ideas and techniques she shared with me will stay with me for a lifetime!"

- P.W.

Working with Kerri has been invaluable to me. I love her connection with Spirit. She has compassionately pushed me to look at myself in new ways. Her insight and guidance come from a deep inner knowing. She has helped me to recognize wonderful things about myself that I did not previously see.

- C.B.

Kerri was a colleague for more than 4 years, and continues to be a friend today. She is dedicated, hardworking and committed to her clients! Kerri offers a natural, holistic approach to delivering customized treatment to her clients. She is dependable, friendly, and a great problem solver! You know you are in good hands when you work with Kerri!

- S.T.

"Kerri is very positive and non-judgmental.  She sees the best in people and helps people to utilize their strengths in reaching their goals. Kerri is inspiring and motivating. She has solid experience as a counselor and is passionate about what she is doing."

- O.L.

Kerri has a unique ability to heal through her deep sense of presence and intuition. She is wise beyond her years and approaches every situation with care and compassion. Kerri has continuously impressed me with her ability to untangle my issues and address them with clarity and focus towards self acceptance and growth. She has been a tremendous positive influence in my life, and I am thrilled that she can now share her talents with more people through her new business.  - E.A.

Kerri is an absolute master! Her skills as a counselor combined with her natural gift of intuition make her the skillful guide you need to lead you beyond whatever obstacles and blocks have been holding you back. She is the perfect combination of compassionate therapist and strong accountability coach to help you find the insight and motivation you need. She will zero in on exactly the issues most critical to your progress.  Be your own best friend and call her!

- N.J.

I want to thank you for giving me a chance to experience your work. It was truly amazing. Something very big shifted inside of me. Something I’ve always known was there but have shut away for a long time. I am now working on bringing that something to light, though everyday life and old habits make it easy to push it aside. It’s funny when you know what’s right and what is good for you but you choose to take the easy way instead (or what you think is easy). So for now it is a working progress but I know it is the beginning of something incredible. Knowing myself and finding myself again. I remind myself multiple times a day to soften my heart and expand my horizens. It feels easier to be myself, easier to love. People seem to be more attracted towards me. My relationships feel deeper. Thank you so much. I cannot express how grateful I am. You are an amazing woman with a wonderful talent. 
Thank you so much for all this work that you are doing! 
The "Name several ways of how I am amazing exercise" puts me into a completely blissful place, & has really given me many more positive images of myself, that has transformed into positive affirmations in my daily life.
Thank you again for the passion, enthusiasm, encouragement, love & kindness that you bring to your work.


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