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Holistic Mindset

Throughout my early and mid-20's, I was introduced to the incredible 

healing powers of Crystals and Stones, the Law of Attraction, Reiki, sound healing,

and many other alternative tools and philosophies in the New Age community.


Integrating my clinical skills with these perspectives has allowed me to

develop an approach that is nonjudgmental and compassionate,

and also operates from a perspective of "knowledge is power".

My passion is helping you to discover yours!

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The Magic of Healing Crystals and Stones

Though I swear by, and use crystals daily,

I do not claim to be an expert in crystals.

There is so much to learn about them; 

I would say I have a good reference ability to be able to talk about them.


However, there are definitely plenty of resources

out there on the internet that can give you some great information.

I have attached the link to a website that gives a

comprehensive rundown of all the really important information I am aware of.

...If your brain wants to know more... Google is your best friend! ;-)

The Crystal Bible image will take you to Amazon

where you can read about the book, or even purchase it.

I have also found this at many metaphysical and other types of bookstores.

It's name suits it well for how useful it is as a reference!

The Wonderful Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction basically says, "Like attracts Like." Therefore, whether you think about Good Things,... or not so Good Things, you WILL draw that to you based on the vibration of energy you are emitting and your attention to it.

For example: have you ever noticed that when you start off "having a bad day", more negative things tend to keep happening...? Usually, it's because you have continued to focus on the negative, and thus keep that energy flowing in that same direction. But...if you are able to "brush off" the moment and continue on with your day, you will likely have a much more pleasant outcome!

My personal experience with the Law of Attraction was initially introduced through the book The Secret- By Rhonda Byrne [also available in Movie and audio format]. This is still a primary reference for me, but even more than the original, I connected very strongly with the sequel book The Power- By Rhonda Byrne. Both are great self-help tools!

Lastly, the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and MANY MORE, are basically "household names" for me in my personal inspiration and mission.

All of these great resources are available for access and more information through HayHouse publications. Click the image to go to their website!


...If you are spiritual, enjoy New Age tools, or just can't get enough of the self-help wisdom in the world... this IS the go-to resource out there!

Energy Healing- Reiki

I was personally introduced to Energy Healing in my early twenties, and I am constantly still learning.


My individual experience has been through Reiki, but there are many additional types out there.  All you have to do is search for them on the web using the terms like "Different Kinds of Energy Healing".

Reiki focuses more on the system that works with the Chakras (energy centers in the body). To learn more about the Chakras, click the image!

Follow the other link below to get more background on Reiki!

NOTE: As of Fall 2017, I have begun to offer integrated services that include reiki with counseling for adults as well as children. Please see my Private Services page for more information.

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